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Cheers, my fellow Amigans!

This is my first post to this forum, so don't hit me right away please =:-) After being Amiga-abstinent for almost 20 years, I got an A1200 recently. After doing all kinds of things with it for a while (boy what a great computer), I decided to get myself a nice ACA-1231/42.

Unfortunately, my board rev. turned out to be 2B and I also suffered from those dreaded freezes, random gurus, you name it. Then I found this forum and applied Stedy's fix ( I know, there are more recent versions of the fix, but I did not experience any graphics corruptions, and so I decided to apply just this "old" fix. The only things I did not apply were the first 2 wire mods - I'm pretty sure that those were only required for the one particular board where the fix got originally applied (must have been some broken wires on this board).

What can I say - up to now, everything runs fine. Phew. Certain games now finally run okay, one demo that I found comes across a point where it used to hang, etc. However, I would like to run a real "stress test" for a couple of hours / overnight, just to make absolutely sure that everything is okay now. I was thinking of maybe a game that has a "demo" mode or similar or a heavy demo that can be run in "loop" mode. All the demos I found don't have a "loop" mode - they simply get stuck in the credits forever.

Does anyone have a good suggestion? Any tip is greatly appreciated!
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