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Question Windows XP and WinUAE - Ethernet problems

Hi all,
I am kind of a newbie to WinUAE, but not to Amiga. I used to have an A500 and then an A1200 which subsequently broke and forced me into PC-land. I used to swear I would never use a PC and now here I am using a PC nearly every day. Anyway, I heard about WinUAE a few years ago and was successfully able to get it working on WinNT4.0 without problems. However, I now have XP and am finding that I cannot seem to get the Ethernet working on it.

It's my understanding that the BSD.socket emulation should provide this functionality, but I'm not sure how I can tell that it's working or that it even is working. Every ping program I try to install doesn't even work right and the traceroute programs I've installed do not trace to the first hop.

It's been a really long time since I've been an Amiga-lomaniac so it's very possible I am missing one *very* obvious piece to the puzzle (maybe just the fact that I'm a dumba**). I'm not new to networking at all, as that's what I do for a living, but it appears that the simple task of getting my WinUAE on the network is perplexing me.

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