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You also need to run WinUAE as administrator to add physical harddrives.

I have never done it myself, but I know people have used CF cards in PCMCIA with amiga file systems.
In addition to specifying file system and device driver (compactflash.device) in the mountfile, you also need to define the geometry (size) of the card. (FAT95 doesn't need this)
Giggledisk on aminet will help you find the correct values.

I've also tried the Kingston 4GB and 16GB CF cards on PCMCIA.
They do not work (CF0: 'no disk present...'). But Kipper2K uses a 4GB Kingston card with the flower image in his a600 PCMCIA, and his card works. I guess there are several revisions..

Anyway - compactflash.device's incompatibility with some CF cards has nothing to do with the speed rating of the CF card.
It's still not clear what causes the incompatibilities though, but Toni Wilen confirmed one thing that cause it (there are probably more) - a Maxtor CF card's lack of support for all mandatory register locations. (Amiga/CFD uses different register locations than PC's apparently.)
I also tested the non-working Kingston 4GB card in an old mac in its 16bit PCMCIA interface, where it worked perfectly.

And by the way - I've tested ~15 different SD and CF cards between 32MB and 16GB on the IDE of my 37.300 a600. They all work well

Good luck!
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