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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Sure you don't like this. But who pretended he was doing a game port and didn't do it ? Perhaps you will ask this thread to be closed, like the other ?
Wow. What's wrong with you?

Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
In addition, perhaps "pushing" Galahad this way, could help him find the motivation, who knows.

If it's just about slow screen update, or control problem, i know these and can help. They're not the tough part for me.
I truly hope that you don't manage people in your day job. Why would anyone want help from someone like you? You're a total demotivator.

Now it seems that you are an expert on porting ST games to the Amiga, so maybe a good thing to do would be to document these things on an Amiga coding wiki somewhere.

As for the graphics rendering issues, surely it is possible to replace the Atari graphics routines with Amiga graphics routines? Find the software blitting routines in the ST codebase, and patch them to call your own blitting routines that make use of the Amiga hardware - even up to the point of having the graphics stored in an Amiga optimised format rather than an ST optimised format.

As for the music, maybe the best option is to redo it as an Amiga .mod and integrate a mod player into the game code, and patch the game music player. Leave a channel free for sound effects.

Maybe this sounds complex, but people have ported 8-bit games between systems with the same CPU in this fashion, just keeping the core game engine intact.

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