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Thanks for your suggestions, unfortunately I still have not been able to run Marble Madness despite trying a zilllion of combinations. Here is where I am at:

1. Kickstart/WB 3.1

No matter what CPU/memory combination I run I always get the Guru, although the error codes change. With the 68000 I get error 8000 0004 with task 00036078. In addition I get noise while Marble Madness tries to load, whereas with other settings the PC remains quiet while loading.

The Guru appears after the Marble Madness folder is opened and Marble Madness icon is opened. It takes a while befor the Guru appears.

2. Kickstart/WB 1.3

I have been able to load 1.3 successfully, but the result with Marble Madness is similar, i.e. it fails but with different error codes.

First a Sys Request - Software error - Task held window pops up, and than the Guru appears with 00000003.00020E90, but also with 00000003.0001DE00

Again, this happens after opening the Marble Madness icon.

3. A Marble Madness unrelated question

When loading Kick/WB 1.3 I do not get an icon for dh0 and thus cannot format dh0 and install 1.3 on the HD although I created a Workbench1.3 HD in the configuration similar to the Workbench3.1 HD in my 3.1 set-up.

What am I doing wrong?
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