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damn i aint got a clue
first up how do i extra lha? winace opens em and sees whats inside, but it refuses to extract em.

should i be booting from HDD? Cos atm I boot with WB1.3, then use the hdd once booted.

Also in WB3.1 i can see many games and stuff which i have put in there. in WB 1.3, all i can see is a folder DM2 (dungeon master) and thats it
theres no option to see hidden files in WB1.3
i put the dragons breath.LZX file and the lha files in there, but cant see em in workbench.

damn im getting more lost, the WDHLoad installer is also LZX, which i cant see in the emu, and i have no idea what to do with it or anything
hm i see its meant for actual amiga users, not winuae. does it work on winuae?

added: ok dont worry about it, im giving up lol
gonna wait for an ADF version to appear. I see 1. i need to reg WHDLoad - no chance of that if i cant work it.
and 2. i need the original dragons breath disks? well nobody has them in adf format that i know, so nothing i can do anyway.
wiped my originals years ago when i sold my a500 for an a1200 and it stopped working

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