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I don't want the thread closed, but its my project and i'll post a WIP when I am ready and not before.

i'll not be coerced into something for other peoples satisfaction, you either believe my progress or you don't, I don't really care either way, to put it bluntly, I owe no-one.

The reason I abandoned Super Sprint was two fold, firstly the game simply isn't very good, sure nostalgia has people remembering a great game, but it was only great with two other mates all playing at the same time, but when its 1 player versus the computer, which is how the majority will certainly play it, the computer AI is woeful, and people would get bored of it very quickly, other than the happiness that its been converted, they'd soon want something else.

Secondly, the way the game was written I wasn't happy about, I didn't think I could successfully resource the game and make my way around the code satisfactorily. Meynaf has far more experience on the Atari ST than i'll EVER have, that gives him a helping hand right from the off.

MY intention was to simply write it from scratch as it is quite a simple game, but, it brought me back to point 1 of this post, that without other players, its just not a great game, its your mates getting involved that made it such a great game back in the 80's.

Now i've explained my position (and again with SS!), and i don't expect to have to repeat it again, its my project, and it'll be ready when its ready, because the end goal is to NOT have to actually use WHDLoad to run the game, I intend it to be standalone, and I also intend it NOT to require 68020+ to run it either.

I fully intend to get this running FULL speed on an A500.

This will be ready when its ready, if you don't like that, or don't like how I approach this, I don't know what else to say, but I have little enough free time as it is, how I choose to spend that free time is my business.

Thanks to those with messages of support, its appreciated.
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