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EDIT: Sorry, misunderstood your text. I have read 1.3 where 3.1 appears. New suggestion: Do a virus scan, perhaps both disks are infected if even a ROM change does not make them work.

Both (WB1.3 and Marble Madness) use AmigaDOS routines. As everybody knows these are integrated in Kickstart 1.3. Perhaps you have a bad Kickstart ROM?

Marble Madness runs fine with my config, which uses namely:

- ROM: kickstart 1.3
- RAM: 1 Meg chipmem only (no slow, no fast)
- CPU: 68K CPU, more compatible, a500 speed
- Misc: only "show GUI on startup" checked
- Chip: full ECS, fast copper, full collision level
- SND: 100% accurate

EDIT: WHEN exactly are the errors appearing?
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