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I have my eye on the UltimatePPC guys.... I hope they might one day make an awesome PPC accelerator for A1200 as well, and make it powerful enough to make even OS4.1 Classic run well. To be honest, its not really the fault of Classic OS 4.1, its just a system designed for a much higer spec shoehorned onto something that will never work right.
I have had my eye on these guys as well. Their hardware design is interesting but their choice of ppc may not fit os4 as i recall someone saying.
It will be something nice to put in my a4kd if it still works after all these years in storage.
However my hopes are slim as they will have problems writing code for either powerup or worpos as i think those are closed source only . They will also have problems getting a warp3d driver to work as its the same story there. For me a WOS\PUP capable system makes the most sense ..

nd speaking of a Radeon based solution for us wedgies, yes, why one hasn't been made is beyond me! I think its simply down to the lack of potential customers. Its easy with big box Amigas as they just use standard PC cards.
The customer base is there i am sure, why is it that everything made for amiga 1200 these days seem to be sold out quickly . Look at the new ACA boards for example they are all gone only the brand new slow ones are left. Indivision m1 could not meet the demand so he produced the second revision. What about subway usb ... gone ... tower cases ...gone... all sold out . Someone is buying all this stuff... And lets not forget what people are willing to pay for 20 year old acc boards used...

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