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With OS3.9 its ok. I can justify my BV and PPC, but I still barely use them other than tweaks like nice WB, WarpDT, odd game and mega demo (not many for PPC but some niceish ones). So ok, if you want to have that little luxury added to OS3.9 and don't mind spending the large amount of money then you'll be good

And speaking of a Radeon based solution for us wedgies, yes, why one hasn't been made is beyond me! I think its simply down to the lack of potential customers. Its easy with big box Amigas as they just use standard PC cards.

I have my eye on the UltimatePPC guys.... I hope they might one day make an awesome PPC accelerator for A1200 as well, and make it powerful enough to make even OS4.1 Classic run well. To be honest, its not really the fault of Classic OS 4.1, its just a system designed for a much higer spec shoehorned onto something that will never work right.

It is honestly a massive achievement to even get it working on classic HW. I'm just balls on realistic and even though i've spend waaay too much on it, will not blind myself to the fact that its utter shite in real working, and its not even worth giving away. I only justify the cost I outlayed because some talented guys gave it a shot, so i'm happy they got my money. If we suddenly get a 1GHz processor and Mobile Radeon, and a seamless emulation solution built into the OS then we are looking at a whole new story with OS 4.1 Classic
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