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HAHA! Steve! The GFX do look shite on PSX compared to the higer res Amiga, but for smoothness and playability (and music like Fishyfish says) The PSX version trounces it. Its a very cool game to fire up at shows/gatherings and make non Amiga folks treble-take, then start sniffing around for the hidden PC. I do have fun with the PPC side of things when "showing off".

@adonay. I may well miss the chip mem luxury, but is a BVPPC and BPPC worth all that? Yes, the PPC isn't COMPLETELY useless, but its not worth the money you would spend to have those little tweaks. And as far as web browsing is concerned, no way, not on the Amiga, I gave right up on that. I only use my inbuilt NIC for accessing Aminet to download directly, and that's it. No matter how optimised the Amiga is made to surf on the net (Cammy's Amiga's are the most awesome i've seen at doing this) you will still get some "day to day" full stops... like accessing webbank for example. I can see how some folks like to use the Amiga to surf "because you can" and for fun, but I can't be arsed.

I've generally been all upgrade-hyper-lets-get-OS-4.1-running! and now completely gone backwards to all the classic stuff. I actually LOVE pulling out the Vanilla A600 and wopping a floppy disk in for that good old nostalgia.

All that incompatibility you talk about on the NG Amigas you will get on the classic OS 4.1 ONLY WORSE! why?

- You cant run ANY classic software that is WB illegal or uses the custom chips (ie 99% of classic stuff)

- It doesn't work with WHDload, If you want to run WHDLoad you have to run it in EUAE.

- you have to EMULATE 68k (and chipset) even though there is a fooking 68k 060 chip (and AGA chipset) smacking it in the face and saying "use me you dumb shit!" and because the JIT emulator is pants and needs near 800MHz to properly give you correct speeds so your hyper waku-waku pimped to F*** 330MHz BPPC is gonna run like a slug no matter what.

- Native OS 4 software also needs around 800MHz AND a Radeon AT LEAST to run ANYTHING nice (so if you run a Radeon in a tower you might be okish on some lesser tasking sw). The only option you have for a wedge is BVPPC, which balks completely. Also Warp3D emulation runs like cack on the BVPPC, so you can't even run OS3.x PPC games or apps that use Warp3D. For example, WO2097 is GREAT in the menu, but as soon as you load the level in, you get mr blocky pixel head attak. The Warp3D emulation for BVPPC is apparently "Beta" i'd more say pre-alpha (i.e. shouldn't be even released in its dead dog state).

Sorry for the rant, but really do not do what I did, and make an uber awesome machine in the vein hope that PPC and OS4.1 will justify it (I did have fun making it, but I really want to use it too). If you want to do it for the fun of hacking then fine, just don't have any wild expectations of the "NG" part of PPC. Like I say, you are better off with a real NG Amiga, I didn't say that would be perfect either, I'm still trying to find a good reason to buy even the cheapest micro A1. but its a darn sight better than the fancy-WB-not-much-else OS 4.1 classic.

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