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Originally Posted by phipscube View Post
I've got a pimped up PPC mofo A1200 and I spend most of the time playing old games and watching 060 demos. The RTGness of the BVision is basically being used to provide a nice hi colour hi res wb that frees up all the chip Ram to allow it to run picky games without a need to boot with no startup.

I enjoyed every bit of pimping it, but I think realistically, when all is said and done, i'd be more than happy with a standard A1200, Blizzard 060, IDEfix express and maybe a Subway. If you want to do a hack or two, cut a hole in the back for a DVD/CD drive, then enjoy all the good stuff on Amiga AGA/060.
Now think if you went from your current setup to that "standard" 1200 with a 060. You would always struggle with chip memory after beeing used to a gfx card.

PPC aint worth it, not enough of anything, Wipeout 2097 is awesome but runs better on the PSX. OS 4.1 is shit on a classic (the main reason I pimped was the high expectations I had of what OS4.1 classic might be). If you want to do all that NG blox, buy an NG Amiga.
PPC tooltypes are worth a great lot, you can even do "some" basic webbrowsing with a 060 when the ppc render the pictures. There are some other useful things as well .

What is a NG AMIGA (in my opinion)? "next generation" Do you mean those shitty ppc options with out very good backwards compability ? How would i ever call something like that an AMIGA. Amiga clone sure but not the real deal with custom chips.
If anything is NGamiga in my eyes its the FPGA ARCADE, MINIMIG and the if ever netami.


Perhaps try a new project like ng Amiga in a classic Amiga case?

Most of the fun is building everything up and doing the hacks and when you get everything as you like it can be a little 'what next'

I keep refreshing projects for that reason.

If you're here asking then you probably already know you want work on another project and you won't be satisfied till you do!

I have thought allot about this before i wanted to do a amiga 1200 or amiga 500 desktop. With either a mini itx pc board or a Raspberry Pi\minimig.
But with all things in the amiga comunity i cant find any more Keyrah boards for sale ... I guess its best to grab stuf while you can because now it gone,,, And if there will be another production run with ivudual computers is unknown. Thank you for your idea!

some motivation to be found here:

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