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I've got a pimped up PPC mofo A1200 and I spend most of the time playing old games and watching 060 demos. The RTGness of the BVision is basically being used to provide a nice hi colour hi res wb that frees up all the chip Ram to allow it to run picky games without a need to boot with no startup.

I enjoyed every bit of pimping it, but I think realistically, when all is said and done, i'd be more than happy with a standard A1200, Blizzard 060, IDEfix express and maybe a Subway. If you want to do a hack or two, cut a hole in the back for a DVD/CD drive, then enjoy all the good stuff on Amiga AGA/060.

PPC aint worth it, not enough of anything, Wipeout 2097 is awesome but runs better on the PSX. OS 4.1 is shit on a classic (the main reason I pimped was the high expectations I had of what OS4.1 classic might be). If you want to do all that NG blox, buy an NG Amiga.
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