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Originally Posted by fishyfish View Post
For my tastes UAE doesnt quite cut it. Sure, its an impressive piece of software and I do understand the appeal, but "the real thing" has its own charms that simply cant be emulated. Trying to squeeze the most from old hardware for example. Half the appeal from retro gear for me is seeing what sorts of results can be squeezed out. Emulating a system doesnt have that appeal. Not that Im anti-emulator. I love my (currently not working) amithlon box just as much, but theyre different kettles of fish. Same is true of AROS/MOS/OS4/WINUAE/etc.
There we have it i guess you put words on why i miss the real deal.
See what you can do with so little yet have something fun\different to play around with. I personally loved to get the most out of my systems and also liked that some things did take longer =slower like copy stuff and disk access .

I guess for the thread i made up my mind to build a new system again. Not sure what i need and want yet but that will come later .

Thank you all for your input you have inspired me allot.
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