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Post Re: Gonna Smash This Amiga

Originally posted by Domiwarrior
I load it on the Mig and i get a Boot sector error or something or a software failiure, (Moonstone, oh yes Moonstone

Is this just duff software on the net or what ? A small list of things I have tried, but cant get to work are,
SWOS (about 4 different versions), Dynablasta, Mega-lo-mania, Moonstone, RickDangerous2, SimEarth, Kick Off, Kick OFF2, Rainbow Islands, Speedball2.
I can at least confirm that Mega-Lo-Mania, Rainbow Islands and Speedball 2 will not work on an A1200 unless you have AGA fixed disk versions. I do have AGA fixed versions of all these btw (probably all on TOSEC too)

Either that or you use the incredible WHDLoad of course!

When i put the installer onto the Miga in the same directory as WHDLoad, then run the installer all i get is "unable to compile line 156" or something. I only tried 2 patches , Moonstone and Mega-lo-mania, and to be honest I got so pissed off i havent bothered trying anymore.
First your installer is probably incredibly old. Get a new one from Aminet. (Although I must say I use an old one and have NEVER had a problem with any install script saying that it had compile problems - and both those games you mention are high-profile ones which would have had a lot of people testing them so I cannot believe that those would have errors in them!) - probably the files are corrupt rather than the patch being buggy.

You picked 2 large games - Megalomania is approx 1.1Mb of files, add on workbench loading, 512k chip memory + 512k expansion memory + whdload + stack which is a lot more than 2Mb. Moonstone is even bigger and requires a registered WHDLoad.

But this still doesnt explain why on earth i cant get SWOS to run. I did get a demo of Sensi Moon Soccer to run that i downloaded though, which just frustrated me even more.
The cracked versions of SWOS run perfectly on floppy on a 1200. It sounds to me like that transfer program you are using is utter garbage.

The A1200 is standard, 2mb RAM etc 68020 80mb HD. Nothing fancy, is that the problem with WHDload ?
You are trying to run large games on a minimum spec Amiga. Download a small 512k game and run that in WHDLoad. eg. Puzznic, Plotting, Bubble Bobble, Loopz etc. You can check for a small game by looking at the readme or using WHDInfo. Pick one that only needs 512k chip and doesn't have megabytes of files.

I know its a long one but in short I need help with a nullmodem link to the PC, tranfering WORKING .adfs to the Mig from the PC by disk (if I cant network it) and getting WHDload working, or any of the games i want to work.
I recommend a program called NetworkPC and a parallel crossover cable. You can buy the cable for about $15 NZ (5 UK pounds) and you get about 1Mb/min (that is MegaBYTES not bits) transfer. This is how I get all my stuff to/from my Amiga from the PC. Only thing I'm not sure how it likes Windows 2000/XP - but for 95/98 it's great. On the Amiga side you get access to a new device called "PC" and you can use Dopus to copy files back and forth. I personally use this myself to access my PC with it's CD drives since my Amiga doesn't have one.

Incidentally any program that forces you to format the disks on the Amiga side first is junk - disk images are just that - a complete image of the disk which is written track by track over the destination disk.
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