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Originally Posted by paul1981 View Post
Jens is right about the caps. I had an A600 that barely booted, and was flakier than a bowl of corn flakes. As soon as I fitted a Kipper2k 4MB memory expansion, all the problems disappeared. This was due to the additional reservoir caps on the aforementioned expansion board.
Heh if only I could just get caps and randomly place them over the old ones... I finally got a price on for cap replacement for £29.95 .. Ill probably get a new floppy drive too as none of mine work, and I can't help but wonder if I put in a drive killer disk or something.. this other crappy 600 & a 500 won't read anything anymore either.

For the heck of it I left my 600 running the advanced amiga analyzer memory test, 52 loops no issues.. but I know.. caps caps caps!

Sigh I just wanted to play Frontier, and now it looks like I just bought a boat... lol

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