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Hi! I have a strange issue atm with my a600 and the aca620 combined with the a604 1mb chip expansion.

I have done numerous tests with the aca620(rev2), and have found it works perfectly with my old original 1mb chip expansion card, but every time i try it with the new a604 card i have problems.
These issues include whdload games crashing on launch, or freezes ingame, also random freezes on workbench etc.

I have re-seated the a620 over 10 times now, each time it appears to detect the extra 1mb of chip memory ok. But as mentioned, i always have issues with it.
At first i thought it was my aca620 acting up, but i then decided to put my original 1mb chip expansion back into it for a test replacing the a604, and it now runs perfectly!

The known games that would crash with the a604, now work fine with the original 1mb expansion card, so i am using the original one atm for stability purposes.
I am not sure why my a604 combined with the aca620 is not working correctly, and as to why the aca620 works fine with my original 1mb card?
I have cleaned the contacts on the trapdoor expansion extensively, and as mentioned, my original card always works fine in it.

If anyone else is having similar problems with there aca620, and if they have an a604 in there a600 as well, maybe try the aca620 on it's own without the a604 card and see if the problems persist!

Also could this a604 card i have be faulty and what should i try or do?, it's only around 3-4 months old and barely used.

Thanks, Han.
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