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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
But you were the one having problems with MY bootdisk, right? You said it didn't work.
Have you ever tried EasyADF?

I am beginning to believe the FAT95 implementation we all use for PCMCIA devices, does NOT work on 37.299
I did have issues with your boot disk akira, but ppil's worked fine and i used it for many months, i would boot the boot floppy, then it would redirect over to the pcmcia card's hdf file in which contained cwb, i also had access to the rest of the card for storage, and that was on a KS2(37.299).

And before that i was using easyadf from an amikit floppy disk, to write out 100x adf games to real floppies that were of the pcmcia card, and it worked perfectly on 37.299(i have this very chip in my hands atm to verify, it's a spare now that i upgraded to ks3.1)! But at the time i did have 2mb chip in my A600.

Edit- Sorry if this is all confusing Foob, just trying to eliminate possible causes to your problem.

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