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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I have used Transcend cards before. They are legit.
It is a VERY weird problem. I would also think it could be a problem with the CF adaptor itself. Why has it not being questioned ever? It could well be the problem. Then again, the Amigakit page does say EasyADF works from 2.05 up, so perhaps, your kickstart is, after all, the problem.

If you had a mate with anotehr A600 you could test the kit with, it would be very helpful.
For clarification, which CF adapter are you questioning? the PC one or the Amiga one?

The PC one i have only tried one crappy chinese off-brand one as anything decently branded in shops are £20+ and theres no way as a human being i can pay £20 for a memory card reader. I did think of this initially, and formatted the card on an old laptop that has a PCMCIA port on the side, and used the CF card in the amigas PCMCIA reader to format, to no avail.

If you mean the PCMCIA adapter, it was one that was bundled from Amigakit with EasyADF, so i'd imagine its compatible. However, before i fixed it i ordered another for a quid which has yet to arrive so when it does i could always try that, but given the amiga recognises everything when its not in FAT16/32, then i can't quite think of a reason that the PCMCIA adapter would interfere with this.
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