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Originally Posted by Cpt. Hindsight View Post
There's a Pinball Hall of Fame at lemonamiga and it's still open.

btw: I haven't seen you at gp32x for a while. Is your Caanoo still running?
Hi mate. That's some crazy high scores over there at lemon, only thing is i'm not a member at lemon so maybe we could start a pinball hof here at EAB!

And Cpt, i haven't been in the gp2x forums for a while, as it seemed to die out last year. Is there still a lot of activity there? I do still check out openhandhelds now and then to see if any new caanoo software has been released, but that's been fairly quite for a while now to.

And yes my caanoo is still running fine, i have a 32gb card in it loaded up with pretty much every game the emulators support.
Did you know me or use the same name over at gp2x cpt?

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