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Originally Posted by diablothe2nd View Post
I know how you feel about it "not feeling right" with uae. Even using a dedicated Icaros machine doesn't feel right.

if you just want it for making music and editing IFFs why bother with an accelerator when the only thing you really need as an "upgrade" is the IDE Flash Card thing?

for me, it's a little different though. the amiga was the basis of my interest in 3D graphics and design, something of which i pursued as a career at one point. So for me, the raw horsepower of my 66mhz 060 and 330mhz ppc gets used for a much higher ratio than most in it's time spent powered on.

think about why you've sold everything. did you buy all those upgrades on impulse, then lose interest? or did you actually need and use them regularly? if you really wanna go back to what feels right, perhaps sticking with what you KNOW you'll use will make you less guilty when you spend money on it.

for gods sake though, dont get the bug... take one look at my CD1200 link in my sig and you'll know what i mean
Hi first off all great post. Got me thinking what i miss and want to achieve with my amiga setup.
Clearly i can not live with just a cf upgrade on a designated retro box "computer". Even in UAE i use allot of ram so a clean 1200 wont cut it.
I guess i can be called a power user on the amiga i used it for everything it was not intended to do like go to Internet, play mp3s from one time to another . play 060 demos or ppc demoes. Fiddle around with ppc tooltypes etc for a smoother experience.
To put it this way every time i have sold something i have regretted maybe not there and then or the next week but some time after that.

I guess i will go tower again with mediator and a bppc . Problem i guess is to get a nice tower case are there any new for sale at the moment ? used to have a D-Box and custom one before that. Its a pain in the rear to align the mediator with the pci backplate.,
Used yellow infinty towers are not prefered.

I see you plan to use your bvision together with the mediator and the radeon card . Am i right that you plan to use the radeon for workbench and the bppc for warp 3d ?

O and btw i never regret spending too much money on hobby's or projects.

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