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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
rockersuke: ACA630 is "kind of affected": The bug is not triggered on -02 Gayle, but it is triggered with -01 Gayle. Back when I designed the ACA630, I did not know about the details of that bug, and I just declared the card to only be compatible with A600 boards, not the older A300 boards with -01 Gayle. And before you ask: No, I'm not interested in porting the fix back to the ACA630 hardware.
I guess that means I'm a really lucky guy. My first Amiga 600's mobo was an 1.5 revision with a 391155-01 Gayle, as shown in the first pic. I managed to break it apart when changing something in the IDE port (don't ask... it just, eer... happened ) . When I bought the ACA630 it had been replaced with this other 1.5 motherboard wich had a 391155-02 Gayle. Does this mean I'm "kind of clean"? Just wanted to be sure. No, no intention to bother you with porting the fix.

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