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Ok, so I have the 37.350 ROM, I set up the ACA to maprom a 40.063 ROM, and installed Workbench 3.1 .. and everything failed in the same manner.. So for the heck of it, I turned off the CPU cache, and fished out 'nofastmem' from workbench 1.3 .. And my god is it SLOW.. but it has been running for the last 10 minutes.. I guess Frontier wants to run out of chipmem???

Oh yeah I'm trying the "shareware" version of Frontier and using FMS to simulate a floppy since mine are all on the fritz. I DMS'd it from UAE, and UnDMS'd it on the amiga ..

I also loaded up the old DICE-C compiler, and rebuilt the core components of itself, then compiled dungeon (zork) and it was a billion times faster compared to the stock 600 .. (cpu cache & all that fast mem helps a bunch!) ..

Has anyone tried AROS with the ACA's ..? I'd imagine it'd actually work or have some hope of working between the 68020 and the 1MB space to load a "rom" to kick.

I guess Im going to have to break down and give whdload a shot, and see if it can cobble together a more workable solution than mine to get frontier working at some kind of respectable speed.

Frontier may just be far more hokey than I realized, but with 'normal' stuff the ACA is kicking butt!

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