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i have been formatting this thing all day and i have come up with the following....

FAT16 and 32, regardless of the allocation size, yeild the same results. Freezing/stalling when booting from easyADF and attempting to mount/load the CF card.

Formatting into a different filesystem (exFAT in my case), will make the CF show up on the Amiga as CF0:NDOS immediately, but i cannot open it (for obvious reasons). Then when trying to run EasyADF, it cannot run it because it does not recognise the disk as a DOS disk, which again, is most likely for obvious reasons.

So from that we can determine that the Amiga itself is having major issues with windows-based formatting. Any ideas why? Or for that matter, any way around this? the only ones i can think of is that the KS ROM .299 has issues, but i would like to ask steve to check that because i cannot remember if the testing he did was on a .299 KS.

Alternatively, and i'd like someone to confirm this is possible/safe before i try it, is formatting the card in winUAE using workbench into a proper amiga-recognised format, and then using .adfs in winuae to mount floppies, make an .adf from that floppy using winUAE and save it on the CF card that way. This is of course ridiculously convoluted and preferably i would like to avoid this (if it is even an option in the first place).
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