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I know how you feel about it "not feeling right" with uae. Even using a dedicated Icaros machine doesn't feel right.

if you just want it for making music and editing IFFs why bother with an accelerator when the only thing you really need as an "upgrade" is the IDE Flash Card thing?

for me, it's a little different though. the amiga was the basis of my interest in 3D graphics and design, something of which i pursued as a career at one point. So for me, the raw horsepower of my 66mhz 060 and 330mhz ppc gets used for a much higher ratio than most in it's time spent powered on.

think about why you've sold everything. did you buy all those upgrades on impulse, then lose interest? or did you actually need and use them regularly? if you really wanna go back to what feels right, perhaps sticking with what you KNOW you'll use will make you less guilty when you spend money on it.

for gods sake though, dont get the bug... take one look at my CD1200 link in my sig and you'll know what i mean
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