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Originally Posted by neozeed View Post
serial no. 2

Sooo it must be a new board...

Originally Posted by neozeed View Post
updated the ROM chip with an old 37.300
That won't support anything bigger than 40MBytes. Use 37.350 or higher.

Originally Posted by neozeed View Post
So I'm going to assume the maxtransfer is happily screwing everything up
...and since you didn't write anything about a capacitor exchange, I'm assuming that your A600 still has the 20-year old electrolytic caps that it was originally made with. Those caps have leaked a long time ago, and they must be exchanged. This is expecially bad on an A600, as that computer is built on a 2-layer board. The A1200 is a 4-layer design where defective electrolytic caps don't have such severe effects, but the A600 does funny things with ageing electrolytic caps.

Please take the time to exchange those capacitors.

Alenppc: The most obvious difference is that the ACA620 doesn't trigger the Gayle bug any more that makes the computer hang. I have re-arranged memory a little to support the reset-proof ramdisk, and I have fixed an issue with PCMCIA in that update. Oh, and the race is on: I've shipped your board back today (to that alternate address you wrote in the short note). Let us know when it gets there!

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