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The sticker on the board says "Quality Control passed / Made in Germany" ..
But sysinfo lists

board address $0020000
board size 4096k
board type zoro ii
product information 70
manufacturer 4626
serial no. 2

Sooo it must be a new board...

I have an old Amiga 500 and I tried its power supply and got the same thing. I have a known 'broken' amiga 600 (the video port doesn't work) but I went ahead and put the accelerator on it, and the compact flash, and updated the ROM chip with an old 37.300 (it had a 37.299!) .. And I did get a bunch of sector not found errors trying to boot the compact flash.. Although it is of minor interest to me is that i created this compact flash while my primary 600 was running 37.300 (the same chip as a matter of fact...)...

So I'm going to assume the maxtransfer is happily screwing everything up, and maybe building an image using FS-UAE on OS X isn't a winning idea.
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