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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
Getting an Amiga is not a rational decision, so it has to be completely up to your feelings. I also drive a motorcycle, which again is not really a rational decision, other than I like it.

Even though I have an A1200 with an ACA1232 and IndyMkII, I must admit I more enjoy using my A600 (with ACA620 and IndyECS). In PAL mode with scanline emulation, the A600 feels very 'Amiga' like even on my 24" LCD, where the MkII somehow feels more like sitting at an emulator.
Always wanted to get the amiga 600 never did .
However i feel the 1200 is a little more practical.
I bet that amiga 600 with a ACA620 is great for gaming etc though.

I belive my indy mk1 "on the 1200" had scanline emulation as well i am not sure though..

just wish they made a acc for the cd3d that would be great.
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