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Should i build another amiga again ?

Hi all .

After some time without an amiga i have to say i miss the real hardware.
Sitting down in front of a laptop with a WINUAE emulator is in my mind not the same and does not give me the right feeling...

This is my current setup:

I have had every possible amiga 1200 configuration . Tower , Wedge . 020,030,040,060,PPC and bvision. Clockport audio\usb pci bussboard etc.

When did i quit? About 3 times sold all and started over.
Last time I ended up selling my tower first with the gfx setup as i thought i needed money there and then, as well as i thought i would be okay with a desktop configuration.
I did first use a bvision in the desktop but that bppc only had a 040 and after using a 80mhz 060 it felt to slow. So i changed that for a blizz 1260 with scsi.
I liked playing around with a desktop machine for a while but i soon got bored since i did not have enough chip mem after being used to allot of gfx mem and highres.
I tried again later with a ACA1230 56mhz "thought it was buggy" also bought a indivision a little bit later but did not really have time for the amiga since it was in norway and i mainly live in sweden.
So i sold that off as well when clearing out my old apartment as my parents moved house.

However now some years later i only use uae 1200 020.
I am not used to 16\24bit displays on the amiga side any longer.
I still have a few amigas but all the accelerators are sold and i dont even have a scandoubbler any more.
If i build a new system it will have to be 060 since there are just far to many great demos and apps that run best on a 060.
Also knowing there is something faster always seems to kill the experience for me. I have had blizz 1230 mkiv cards and they are great but i always want something more in the ling run.
It must be either a blizzard ppc 060 or a blizz 1260 both with scsi option

Here is were i need you advice although i will probably do the opposite regardless of input "i normally do". I guess i am just looking for some sort of support or ideas what i should go for .

I want to use a external scsi box as i still have this one and all the cables for a 1230 scsi iv controller. I also think this looks damn cool and gives me a neat way of using cds.
I will want to try the new indivision aga mk2 if i go desktop .Or i will just use a tvcard passthrough if i go tower again as well as junk the scsi box.

If i go tower i will try the mediator TX as i have great experience with both the LT4&SX .I see they now have support for a radeon card and a driver for pci SCSI cards . I have heard nothing about the scsi experience though . I also dont know if their Spyder USB cards have posseidon support now.

Any recommendations\ sugestiones etc
What to get and not to get?
Do it or leave it alone.

I use the amiga mainly for games,modules,demos and playing with old iff files etc from long ago .
I have a huge database with allot of amiga stuff that i play around with but normally only when its on an amiga. If i sit on a pc with uae its to easy to read the web or to do other things

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