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The 4MB SRAM cards are quite expensive. I think maybe €60. For that price you could get a fast RAM expansion which I would prefer as it's faster. Also you don't have to remove it when you need to transfer files.

And no, it's not fun being unemployed. One thing is the money issue, another is the 'being at home' part which may be fun in the beginning, but it usually doesn't stay that way. Luckily I have a good job at the moment. In these times though, nobody can be sure how it will look in their future.

Keep a lookout in Amibay for some cheap expansions, they might pop up from time to time, and you could get lucky to find just the one you're looking for.
But remember that being into Amigas can often end up as an expensive hobby, particularly if you want to use them for a bit more than we did 20 years ago.
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