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Originally Posted by neozeed View Post
I just got an AC620 and I've been trying to run Frontier Elite without much success, it'll start then lock up anywhere from 3-30 seconds into the game.
The new/reworked cards have a yellow sticker "Rev.2" on the side and they identify with serial no. 2 in the autoconfig structure (check with Sysinfo). These new cards are rock solid. All customer support cases have revealed one of the following:

- weak power supply or power supply with high ripple on 5V rail
- bad solderjoints between 68000 and A600 board
- leaked capacitors on the A600 board
- bad "copy" command from older WB version trashing game/program data (use DirOpus to copy latest copy command to C: directory)
- wrong MaxTransfer rate set for CF card/Harddisk, causing even good copy command to trash target data without the user noticing

If you've had issues with the floppy drive, that's another hint at a power/ripple/capacitor problem.

Originally Posted by neozeed View Post
I see that there is no way to disable fast memory via actune?

Originally Posted by neozeed View Post
also what about -setc0mem, shouldn't that work on the ac620 ?
As mentioned in the Readme, that option is for ACA1230 only. All other accelerators always have $c0 memory enabled. This has multiple advantages, one of them being that execbase is *always* in 32-bit fastmem, so the overall computer performance is better.

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