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I just got an AC620 and I've been trying to run Frontier Elite without much success, it'll start then lock up anywhere from 3-30 seconds into the game.

I see that there is no way to disable fast memory via actune?
also what about -setc0mem, shouldn't that work on the ac620 ?

I've got a rev 1.5 Amiga 600, 37.350 ROM, with 2MB of chipmem, a compact flash disk (128MB with mask of 0xfffffffc / transfer 0xfe00 ) .. I had issues with the floppy drive and disconnected it (it wont read disks anymore or format for that matter, but DMS acts like everything is fine.. )..

And yes, it works fine with the stock 68000, it is just unbearably slow, which is why I bought the accelerator to begin with.....

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