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Time to bring some bad news updates! did you think we were finally finished?

So..... MY CF reader finally came, and i stuck the thing in, gave it a format and loaded it with some .adfs.... and now its behaving exactly like the 4GB card did. AT least we know now that the card itself is definately compatible with the Amiga in its normal operating capacity, so im starting to think its something windows is doing to the card thats starting to mess with things.

I have tried both FAT 16/32 and different allocation sizes, and none of them seem to work. Booting with EasyADF just hangs when connecting the CF card after it asks and booting from the CWB with akira bootfloppy just does the usual "taking a million years to load". I'm not sure wether or not it will actually load because it hasn't yet but its only been at it for five minutes or so.

I'm currently running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit. Any ideas?

edit update: it didnt boot.

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