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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
I would expect ks1.3+wb1.3 to encounter a few issues on an aca620 machine. :-)
Note the history of development: The "big revision bump" to 2.0 was made because while working on "1.3+", the first 68020+MMU accelerators for the Amiga were available. Along with MMUs came the first enforcer-debug tool. From what participants of the DevCon meetings told me, more than 130 enforcer-hits were fixed between Kick1.3 and Kick 2.04.

With a machine "full of memory" and 256 mirrors of the same 16MByte space, I'd expect any enforcer hit to hit valuable memory and useful structures. The probability for the ACA620 to crash is much higher than any other accelerator, just because of it's memory structure. With less memory, it's more likely to hit "empty space" with an enforcer hit, and the machine may continue to run stable.

I would therefore only run Kick1.3/WB1.3 for fun, but not for any productive work.

For those who are not familiar with the term "enforcer": That's a tool that lets you monitor memory accesses. It's like a small watchdog: If a piece of code accesses memory in "illegal areas", the enforcer program will keep that code from doing so, and halt operation - that's the "hit". It's not really memory protection, and it does not work on all memory areas, but it's still valuable (especially identifying null-pointers...).

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