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Originally Posted by Clym5 View Post
I read somewhere that after making partitions with HDToolBox, you should format them, using the "Format Disk" option under "Icons" In Workbench. And if I don't format them, Workbench complains that the partitions are not DOS Disks, and the names of the partitions are all scrambled at the end of them without the format.
Correct, but you can set a 'quick' option there which will make it finish in seconds.
And before you get too far, I'd really recommend using something other than FFS as a filesystem. This would mean a repartition and reformat, but it's worth it. You gain both speed and stability. I've had FFS destroy a few of my files a couple of times.

Here's one guide:

And use PFS3-AIO instead, then there's just one filesystem to choose from which will automatically select the best on the current system.
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