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Thanks for the offer Roy but i'll think i'll stick with the vanilla A600 for now. I'm just waiting on my CF reader to come so i can put these .adfs onto the CF card and see if i can finally write one.

I'm a bit of a purist in that sense, i derive far more pleasure from having things exactly as they were, floppies and all, than a more updated and modern setting. The goal is to achieve everything without opening the A600 if possible, and finally i think i've almost got it.

I'm thinking of getting a 1200 or another 600 in the distant future specifically for learning though, which i will most likely be quite happy to rip to shreds and tinker about with, but thats another project for another day. As mentioned earlier, if i am eventually successful and i find myself a little bored, i'll compile everything i can into either a post or a webpage and write a little mini guide/journal about what i've encountered, that should guide every other new a600 owner down a path far easier than the one i experienced.
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