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Good to hear your making some progress there Foob.

Like you said, you may not even need to boot into a pcmcia WB setup after all, if all your wanting to do for now is copying out adf's to floppies, then simply booting from a floppy with the adf writing utils on it is probably the easiest way to go.

But of course you will still need a working pcmcia cf card to transfer the adf's over!

I went through exactly what you are going through atm about 6 months ago and i know how daunting and disheartening it can all get, i was at the point of almost throwing my A600 out the window, lol, but after i got some good advice from here(thanks Ppil), and through a lot of trial and error, i finally worked it all out and i have to say it was all worth it.

Back then i also ended up buying around 100 new floppy disks and i filled them all with games, it was a lot of fun in a retro kind of way.

Then i saw the light and ended up setting up an ide/cf setup, plus got some more ram etc, and if your able to do that later on then believe me, a ide whdload system makes what was great already, even better!

But you have your base amiga, and that's a nice start to have, you can always expand it when the time/cash is right.

For now, i can't wait to hear some news from you soon that you were able to write out your first adf amiga floppy successfully, and are able to do some serious gaming on your amiga again, it's worth the effort


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