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Small update for the moment, and finally some good news for once.

my 1GB Transcend CF card came today, and i managed to bend the pins back into place on my PCMCIA adapter and get it working again. Although i don't have a working CF reader for my PC yet due to the snapped pins, i decided to boot into EasyADF anyway and see if it did anything differently than the (now broken) 4GB card.

When booting up, it no longer hung on when attempting to load the CF driver, and seemed to bypass it in normal speed. Also, once it had finished, i now notice CF0 on my desktop, which i have never done before. I couldn't open it, but whatever. It appears that this CF card works fine. I tried to load EasyADF and see if it recognised the card at least, but i didnt have enough memory to run it apparently (even though i booted from floppy, and apparently had around 800k free)

I can't currently write WB to the CF yet as im without the CF adapter for PC... but i suspect that once i do, i should be able to write .adfs using TSGUI rather than EasyADF, and i finally get around to throwing that terrible software in the bin (or at least overwrite the floppy, so at least it may be good for something).

I may compile a new thread/post when all this is done to serve as warning/information to those who will inevitably end up in the same position as myself.

QUICK EDIT; - i managed to get EasyADF to run for once and it appears to now give the error that CF0 is not a DOS disk. So its now recognizing the CF, operating at full speed and i suspect all i really need is a proper format of the CF in FAT16 or something and i can finally start writing floppies. I may not even need to boot from the CF at all. I bought a stack of 30 black 1.44MBs to convert so i can write and play from those for the time being while i consider some proper upgrades.

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