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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
Thanks, that seems to solve the problem. I could now move a file to it, warm reboot with all acatune settings, and read the file back out without any corruption.
Technically it was my bug because I assumed card registers are always available but I think they were supposed to be hidden unless needed to prevent accidental card configuration changes.

Jens should hire you to fix his software.
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I can now get to try booting from it. Is it possible to change the boot priority of the drive using aca620rd after it has been already been run? Think that it would be most convenient to not have it bootable until all needed boot files has been copied to it.
Not yet but it is planned.

Edit: I have just tried creating a bootable device and copied a WB 3.1 floppy to it. It seemed to work fine and booting time was obviously very fast. In Sysinfo I see around 5.7MB/s on the drive, so a good deal faster than the standard IDE interface.
It is just memory copying but during copy interrupts needs to be disabled because enabling "hidden" ram will hide part of real ram regions. (which may contain interrupt handlers or other critical system structures)
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