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Basically the dat will recognise a complete install for a game.

You will need the following to accurately rebuild the games:

The correct install from the WHD website
The image file for the game (the one supported by the dat)
The icon file contained within the dat archive.

How it worked was we took an installed game and deleted the WHDload part, just leaving the imagefiles, next we downloaded all the WHDInstalls from the WHD site and copied over all the needed files (slave, icons, readme etc..).

We then tested the game, if it worked we included it in the dat, renamed it and hoopla.

Some games didn't work, they were either not WinUAE compatable or the imagefiles were broken, or simply the icon didn't point to the slave, or in the case of AGA and ECS games we had to rename the slave, which resulted in us having to change the icon tooltypes.

Either way any EDITED/FIXED icons are included within the datfile archive.

So basically once you rebuild and then unpack the archives the game should run (depending on WinUAE configs).

Any game we couldnt get working has the {b}ad flag (note this will be changing to the more recognised [b] flag in the next release).


We are hoping to get every proper installed/working game and every version of each game in the datfile. Yet at the same time we don't want to include games that have simply had their images changed by dubious saved games and hiscores.

You will note in the current dat there are alternate versions of some games (usually foreign versions). If we find an alternate version is included is simply different because of a highscore or whatever it will be deleted from the next release, this is to stop the dat being over-polluted with duped crap (like tosec), and will only reference proper working installs


Finally we wont host the actual imagefiles on our FTP's but they will be available on other FTP's I'm sure and alot are scattered about the net in general!


Any other questions don't hesitate to contact us.

Hope this clears 1 or 2 things up for you
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