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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Try without acatune first.

I did some tests with acatune map rom function and didn't notice any issues. (You sure you don't have any other options set?)
Also using -maxmem -vbrmove and -burst on.

Edit: Just tried putting it as the first item in my startup-sequence and did a cold reboot. When Scalos appeared it said it had found a checksum error in disk block 2431, just like before. The error pops up again when I try to open the new ram disk in Scalos.

Edit2: Tried removing -vbrmove, didn't change anything, so just maprom and maxmem left (which I both need). I thought I had burst on, but I did not. Must have been the 1200.

A600 specs are 2D MB with ACA620 rev. 2, A604 and Indivision ECS.

Edit3: It seemed to work a little better when booting into a pure WB 3.1 disk instead of ClassicWB, however still not 100%. After doing a format in WB3.1 on the ram disk, I tried copying an ADF file from my HDD to the aca ram drive and then wrote it back to a floppy. During load of the game, it crashed, so I went back to investigate. I copied the ADF file from the aca ram drive back to the HDD and then back to the PC for comparison with the original file. About 100 bytes are different in the two ADF files (about 85% in), so it's corrupting the files somehow.

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