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Re: Future suggestions for WHDizing

Originally posted by MarzAttakz
There's definitely more, but I want to start out with a small list for now, so it's easier.
?!?!? So what's easier? That's anything but a small list, especially when you consider the amount of work that goes into making a WHD game. It's not as simple as copying files to an adf file and not something that can just be kncoked up in a short time.

Furthermore, why would they need you to upload the coverdisks when they can just get them from the same place as you - the two coverdisk sites. Unless you have coverdisks not on those sites?

Also, I believe the idea of these WHD-installed games was to work on real Amigas and if they happen to work in emulation, great. I don't recall seeing any of them for the purpose of working in WinUAE (ex. your FIFA International Soccer reference)

Also, I think that Project X Extra Level was from a coverdisk.
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