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I'd open it up and look for corrosion/anything not looking right.

600s and 1200s are prone to leaking the caps, so they should be replaced if they start to do that. Whenever I buy an old used item, I like to take it completely apart, clean it up and repair anything if needed. I don't like other people's old hair and dead skin cells in my Amiga keyboards.

The typical internal storage solution is a 4-8GB CF card on an IDE-CF adapter instead of a mechanical HDD. For PC<->Amiga transfer, get a PCMCIA CF adapter and another (maybe smaller) CF card for transfer. Using FAT95 and CFD from Aminet you can mount a FAT formatted CF card in the Amiga and copy files back and forth.

If the accelerator has a maprom function, you could use that to soft-upgrade it to KS 3.1 even if it only has 3.0 in hardware, by loading the KS image from HDD during boot.

Also, get some memory in it, you'll need it.
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