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Hi all !

I've just uploaded the release 0.81 beta. Available as alway on:

In this release you'll find:

-Fixed the fade to black issue on init. (Should work now with highgfx mode)
-Fixed the refresh timing speed with fast cpu.
-Fixed the display redraw bug in the Prefs when switching tabs.
-Added the "Main Menu" prefs tab.
-Added an on/off switch for the main menu music.
-Added an on/off switch for the main menu starfield. (usefull if your migy is a bit too slow.)

This is just a work in progress release, many others 0.8x release will be available in the next incoming weeks.

@Telemachus: Many things are actually in my todo list but why not. I'm not sure at this time to understand the real interest to use a rad but i'm not closed to any idea if they can upgrade xbench to the top
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