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- OpenGL- Scanlines and interlace modes

Hi all,

With much pleasure i've been using WinUAE, especially with the -OpenGL- scanlines mode it looks much like the original. The only problem I have is when I use this OpenGL scanline option (I set it at 50% scanlines) then all hi-res interlace pictures also are shown with scanlines, which makes them look real low-res! :-//

Is there any way I can use the OpenGL scanline option, and also have interlace pictures look good?

If this isn't the case, then is it possible for Tony to detect when Amiga emulation goes into interlace and then temporarily disable the scanlines of the OpenGL mode? And switch back on the scanlines when Amiga returns to non-interlace mode.

I dont have this problem when I'm using the standard (*non- OpenGL*) scanlines option. There both low-res and interlace screens are shown in their full glory.

Hopefully someone can tell me how this works, Tony?

Thanks a lot to all for the super-duper emulation, it's really impressed me )
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