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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
With all the parts that need to be open (access to CF, A1200 accel connector), it'll be hard to make a full case. It might be just a steel cover, and a small part of the board will be visible. Last time I checked, it was cheaper to use stainless steel instead of cheaper steel with colour coating.
you respond to people wanting to keep the classic look with a bright orange or green steel box with parts exposed?

Put a hinge on it (lock in place with a magnet for instance) and lift up, to the side (or whatever floats your boat) to get to the a1200 card and if not exposed through the chassis - the cf card.

I've gone to lengths to case every hobbyist device i got just to keep it from the realms of flying coffee spills and dust clouds my home office endures from day to day. so given the proximity to my a500 - i take a full case thank you.

But I'll buy it almost whatever you decide for it, i do however draw the line at bright blue lights. I just trew out a computer i got for free because it made my home office look like a hollywood alien abduction was in progess.
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