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Originally Posted by fgh View Post
No, I don't think so, so you'll have to go through your KG set and delete old versions of updated games unfortunately.

AFAIK Retroplay has done all new and updated WHDLoad slaves after KG stopped in 2009.
Wow..... that long ago....... I may need some help.... know anyone whom has their WHDLoad sets up todate?

Originally Posted by clownstyle View Post
This would be great for me, to remove the AGA titles I can't play!

and the useless _Fr, _De games I don't understand

Is it right I can manually edit the game list to exclude these myself?

Yes you can, I would suggest opening the relevent <> i.e. "" and with any amiga text editor and then either search through till you find the entry OR if the editor supports it select find and then delete that entry.

I hope that helps.
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