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New Amiga-powered EP album released by me.

I didn't know which forum to post this into. Mods? Feel free to move it accordingly.

I just released a new EP with 4 tracks, 2 originals and 2 remixes. The album is made 85/90% with Amiga on Protracker 2.3d. I added some synths and stuff on top of the tunes and of course applied some post-production magic, and the remixes are pretty much "make them with whatever you want" kind of thing.

Also you will notice the album cover has some winks to our favourite computer

Please head over the next link and grab a copy for free, or if you feel generous, you can give some coin towards the maintaining of the EP online and the remixers.

Enjoy it and spread it around like a plague!!

Also make sure to check out TOM WOXOM (he uses Amiga too, his remix is 100% Amiga) and DKSTR if you like what you hear, two very talented chaps.
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