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Originally Posted by hansel75 View Post

I really think it's the lack of ram that is causing Foob's issues. Another solution is Kippers 4mb fast cards!

That's not the case, I spent around 6-8 hours over 2 days testing all the different scenarios in this thread

I tested with a stock 1mb A600 and an A600 with 2mb Chip & Kipper's 4mb Fast Ram board, with the larger CF's it was still very slow booting the OS from PCMCIA with larger CF cards and accessing the OS in that way. (Booting times of up to 20 mins)

When I used my smaller 1gb CF is was like a rocket, even on the standard A600, even loading Classic Workbench!

All extra Ram will do is let Foob run larger programs, and maybe some WHDLoad Games, he will still experience the same problem if he wants to use these boot Disks and load the OS from PCMCIA.

Whet he needs to do to achieve the goal set out in this thread (boot to workbench and write some ADF's) is:

A) Try a smaller CF (256mb-1gb)


B) Upgrade the Rom and install the CF HDD on the internal IDE

Upgrading Ram is a luxury for later

I highly recommend option B!
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