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Originally Posted by hansel75 View Post
Hey guys, i know this is not a marketplace, and if i do decide to sell this spare gear i have i will post a proper thread in the market section.

But i would like to know roughly how much do you think this gear is worth, i am not looking to rip anyone off, just a decent price.

Original 1mb chip mem expansion, a 2mb ram pcmcia card, and a ide/cf adapter, all used and working.!

All that would be needed then would be a KS3.1 chip upgrade, and a CF card to make a decent WHDload machine.

I ask because this would greatly help Foob if he is interested, and might be a good buy for anyone in a similar circumstance when only having a base 1mb A600.!

I really think it's the lack of ram that is causing Foob's issues. Another solution is Kippers 4mb fast cards!

by all means, let me know when you plan to sell them. Right now... i simply can't afford it. But if i happen to have the cash at the time of sale then by all means try me first.
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